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We always think forward.
Every trace for nature.

At KELSEN, there is a second constitution in addition to the Austrian federal constitution. Our own constitution, in which we place a very, very high value on sustainability. From the very beginning on, we want to operate sustainably, and that starts with ingredients with short transport routes, which means almost everything comes from Austria. We prefer organic, demeter or natural, because that makes food sustainable by nature. What is in season is processed, and there is as little waste as possible. Following the nose-to-tail principle, we use not only the tenderloin, but all parts of beef and pork – the same with fruit and vegetables.

But that’s not all by a long shot. For us, sustainability extends to waste management. Above all, we want to avoid waste, but if any does occur, it is strictly separated. We use only biodegradable products for cleaning and laundry detergents.

But sustainability goes even further. We also want to treat each other well in the long run. At KELSEN, our team of approximately 90 people can live their dreams, develop further and envision a lasting future. Because we treat each other with respect, tolerance, openness and time for concerns of all kinds. That is also part of sustainability for us and that makes working at KELSEN unique and special.