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Fine things with a coarse difference.
Long searched and approved.

Some people are jealous of our network of suppliers. And rightly so. Because it supplies us with the holy of holies: the best ingredients. It took us years to build our network and we often had to be very, very strict. Because we are looking for the most genuine, nearest, best and sustainable products. Such a tight framework takes a lot of effort, but also makes you rise above, like the carrots from Krautwerk. After all, they make the fine rough difference. Our meat is always organic and purchased as a whole, because we process everything from the animal. Fruit and vegetables also come from small and medium-sized farms that we know personally. In seasonal times, Vienna and its surroundings provide us with the best harvest. In winter, chives sometimes come from Italy. But it is always selected with a lot of thought and personally considered to be the best.