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Four times at the parliament – Your high visit at the heart of parliamentarism.

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Austrian cuisine with oooh and aaah.

At the heart of our democracy, Austrian cuisine is cooked. What else? But how, that’s another question. We think that the Austrian cuisine could do with a bit of tinder, and we’re happy to ignite it. People from a wide variety of disciplines turn cookbook classics into new creations that will be talked about for a long time to come. Wheater restaurant or cantina, we strive to use all parts from the animal. If you prefer it vegetarian or vegan, it will be at least as exciting. The bistro offers small and large dishes for in between meals. For dessert we serve delicious cakes, petit fours, pralines and much more. Everything handmade from our pastry chef.


Our team has put a lot of thought into it. The best way to experience the whole interplay of ideas is to come to the restaurant. At lunchtime, we serve dishes and meals with an international touch and an Austrian flavour. Where possible, always regional and seasonal – a traditional cuisine that is constantly reinventing itself. In the evening, the restaurant is available exclusively for groups and events of 20 people or more.


People meet at KELSEN Cantina for lunch. No matter whether it has to go fast or there`s a little while to linger. Constantly changing dishes are sometimes classic, sometimes modern with focus on seasonal, Austrian cuisine. From time to time, however, we also allow ourselves excursions to other places in the world. Of course, the ingredients always remain regional.


KELSEN Bistro is always there when you need it. Here we serve breakfast befor the first meeting, well-deserved coffee in the afternoon. In between, there are all sorts of delicacies from the in-house patissery, snacks and several small dishes.


Café Agora is located in the visitor center of the Parliament. The perfect meeting place for a quick espresso or a sweet refreshment between historical pillars.


Your event on a high end level in the new roof extension of the Austrian parliament. Relaxed cocktails or discussions during breaks on the spacious terraces, with a fantastic view of the Hofburg and Vienna’s city center.